Ethics and values

Statnett seeks to demonstrate that good results can be achieved without compromising our ethical standards. Here, you can read more about our Code of Conduct, our Ethics Representative and our values.

Our Code of Conduct

Our ethical principles entail that we:

• Comply with laws, regulations and human rights
• Act honestly and with integrity
• Strive for openness, compliance and transparency within the organisation
• Do not act in a manner that may compromise our impartiality, integrity or credibility
• Do not receive or give gifts or services that could affect our business conduct or independence
• Will not use confidential information for personal gain – for ourselves or others


We also attach utmost importance to ensuring that our suppliers and partners adhere to our Code of Conduct for suppliers. All our agreements with suppliers include a contractual obligation to comply with our Code of Conduct.

You can read our Code of Conduct for suppliers here (PDF).


Our Ethics Representative

The role of the Ethics Representative is to strengthen the legal protection of employees and help uncover censurable conditions. Censurable conditions may include conditions that are in violation of law or Statnett’s Code of Conduct, poor working environment, harassment, negative culture or other harmful activity.


The Ethics Representative accepts and reports matters raised by anyone who has observed wrongdoing and/or mistakes committed by Statnett, our employees, our management or our suppliers. The Ethics Representative reports directly to our CEO Auke Lont and Statnett’s Board of Directors.


If you would like to ask our Ethics Representative any questions, or would like to report censurable conditions at Statnett or at one of our suppliers, you may choose to remain anonymous.

Contact our Ethics Representative

Silje Vegarud
Telephone: +47 907 61 651

You can also report censurable conditions to our Ethics Representative in our digital service ( The service is available in English.

Our values

Statnett’s values are long-term perspective, respect and community:

• Long-term perspective: We take responsibility for the long-term development of the power sector, and we manage the balance between daily operations and long-term planning.
• Respect: We show humility for our social mission, exercise our role with respect for our surroundings, and show respect for the interests and views of others, internally and externally.
• Community: We help each other improve and demonstrate that we are an important part of society.

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